About Myself

I am Bo-Ashley Jade Brindley, a dual citizen, South African native, based in the United States. I currently hold a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the Univeristy at Buffalo (UB).

I have an devotion for practical design solutions, which has sparked my curiosity of design disciplines such as industrial and product design, as well as accessible design in architecture. I also have a adoration for presentation, which has driven my graphic design all throughout high school and university. I have run a few advertisement committees for clubs and events, involving the creation of logos, t-shirt designs and over-all branding.

My notable educational background also includes Huntington High School, where I studied many Advanced Placement (AP) courses and continued to develop my skills in my passion for computer arts and graphics. I placed in many competitions and received much recognition for my work anywhere from Congressman Steve Israel and Ms. Michelle Obama to Newsday and the National Organization for Women.

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